Multi-touching my EAP Type

My fellow OpenSEA colleagues Messers Oltsik and Gast have both recently pointed to the need for more 802.1X support in non-PC devices. Last year I made a post indicating that support seemed to be improving and I certainly agree that OpenSEA can help accelerate this. The iPhone is definitely a step in the other direction though. As Matthew points out, Mac OS X already has a native supplicant and the iPhone supposedly runs Mac OS X. I’m guessing this is more a matter of QA resources butting up against launch plans than anything else; my iPhone’s browser still crashes from time to time which certainly seems like a higher priority.

I wonder how sensitive the multi-touch interface is? It would be interesting if you could record guestures as a way to access a password wallet. The iPhone keyboard does a great job of correcting common English language mistakes but it is quite horrible at entering passwords like dkIH$l_73n!.

On an unrelated note, seeing that Matthew is using the same WordPress default template as I am left me feeling sheepish. As Jack says about Marla in Fight Club, “Her lie reflected my lie.” Oh well, none of you really suspected I had any HTML skills I’m sure.

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