NAP on XP via 802.1X

Just a quick update on NAP. Microsoft has announced that they will be adding an XP NAP client that will speak 802.1X–in addition to the other NAP protocols like DHCP and IPsec:

Some other cool news, never before discussed publicly. We are adding 802.1x NAP Client support to XP for both Wireless and Wired connections. I am really excited about offering this to customers on both Vista and now XP. I hope to release a Beta of this functionality in early 2007. This brings the XP NAP Client into full parity with Vista supporting IPsec, DHCP, VPN and now 802.1x.

I wonder if this is a small sign that Microsoft wants to take 802.1X on wired a bit more seriously. It could be an offshoot of the relationship between Cisco and Microsoft on NAC/NAP as well.

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